Hello everyone,

We've had a few new faces join, of varying degrees of knowledge of how roleplaying sims work, so I felt it was important to get a message out there describing what is the expected etiquette on Fogs End as well as the kind of roleplay players should expect to find here.

1. Fogs End is a paragraph roleplay sim, meaning that the baseline for roleplay are detailed posts which use emotes to illustrate actions, what a character is thinking or feeling, as well as what they're saying and who they're saying it to.

2. Local chat is a channel strictly for roleplay. All OOC discussion should be had either in the Fogs End group chat, or in IMs.

3. Fogs End is a turn-based roleplaying community, meaning that you emote once, and allow the other person to respond. If there are many people in a scene, you observe post-order. This means that if three others have gone before you, you must wait for those three to take their turns before you can post.

4. While all roleplayers are welcome here, we must emphasise that we intend to cultivate quality in roleplay. We want people to grow as writers and roleplayers, and engage in stories that help them do that. If you are new, you are welcome to join in, but being patient, and being open to learning, is crucial. With this in mind our environment is intended for people who are more advanced, who are used to articulating in the style described above. It is important that, that is reflected on in terms of what you hope to get out of your participation here.

Finally, a word on dress-code. We are a victorian era sim, meaning that it is expected that players dress their avatars in things that would be acceptable attire during this era. Pushing the boundaries is fine, this was not unheard of. But wearing a halter-top and a mini-skirt does not fit. We also put effort into the build to ensure you have clear ideas of what is wise to wear. We're in winter at the moment, so scantily clad characters are going to be suffering quite a bit from the cold.

Please keep all of the above in mind, and thank you for joining us at Fogs End!